The FREE Sicontroller program lets you monitor, control and setup your Sicon-8 from any PC equipped with a serial port or a USB-to-serial adaptor. The Sicontroller program also works with serial-to-Ethernet converters and can be used locally or over a network or the Internet. You can monitor one or many different Sicon-8s using the tabs in the Sicontroller program. In addition to basic setup and control, the Sicontroller adds extra features, not found in the hardware such as sending e-mails during alarm conditions & automatically syncronizing the Sicon-8's clock to your local PC.
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NOTE: Do not mix software and firmware versions. Always use the software version that matches your firmware.

Software version 1.24.23, which is now the current release for Sicon-8s using Web Server version 1.5+, requires firmware version 1.75, or higher, to operate. If you have firmware version 1.50 to 1.59, you can continue to use software version 1.23.35.  DO NOT USE software version 1.24.xx if your firmware is older than v1.60.

Important Note: Do not use this version of the software to configure firmware versions older than 1.37. Attempting to upload configuration data to v1.36 or older, will result in potentially catastrophic malfunction. This version of the Sicontroller software can only be used with v1.37 or newer, firmware. Before upgrading to the latest version, please download and carefully read the latest instructions. Failure to follow the latest instructions may render your Sicon-8 inoperative, or you may get stuck re-programming it from scratch needlessly.

If your Sicon-8 has v1.37 or higher firmware, do not use older Sicontroller software (prior to v1.12) to upload configuration data to your unit or it will not work.

Web Servers Compatibility:
Users with WebServer versions older than v2.0 (displayed on your Web server's home page) cannot fully upgrade because the older versions of the Web servers will not properly load labels and cannot display alarms produced within the new firmware. The basic relay controls and meter readings will still work, however, a WebServer hardware upgrade is available that will work with the new firmware and adds new features and bug fixes to the Web server. Please contact us if you would like to find out about upgrading your WebServer hardware.
This is a free upgrade. You only have to return your old Web server to us for reprogramming, not the entire Sicon-8.

If you do not have a Web server in your Sicon-8, or if you do not use your Web server, you can upgrade your firmware and software. If you do use an older Web server, we strongly encourage you to contact us about upgrading your Sicon-8 for free because the newer firmware fixes some critical bugs, especially in the alarm handler.

General Release Notes:

The current version of the Sicontroller software requires firmware v1.73 or above. Users with older firmware versions starting with v1.38 can upgrade, using the flash utility, to this version if they wish to use the latest software. Software version 1.010, works with firmware version 1.36. For firmware versions from 1.31 to 1.34, use software version 1.07 which may be downloaded here. The later releases of the Sicontroller software will not allow you to even connect to a Sicon-8 that is using older firmware, except for the firmware upgrade function. If your firmware version is 1.30 or lower and you do not upgrade, then the latest version of the Sicontroller software that can be used is 0.994. If your firmware is 1.23 or 1.23d, you can install and use software version 0.995.

If your Sicon-8 is experiencing a bug that has been reported and fixed, then you should upgrade. If you're managing several sites with different firmware versions, and you want to make all the same, that's a good reason to upgrade. If you have a single site installation and it's working well, then don't upgrade its firmware or software. The upgrade process is not hard, but you can cause things like the Webservers to stop working properly if the upgrade isn't compatible. Never upgrade your software without verifying that the main firmware is compatible. You could cause your Sicon-8 to malfunction by uploading settings from incompatible software. Call us or send an e-mail if you're not sure about updating your FW and/or Software.

Right click here to download the current Sicontroller software installer and FW version in one zipped file.   Extract the installer to your PC and run it. Be sure to read the release notes above to make sure that you have the right software version for your firmware.  System failure is possible if you accidently mix hardware and software versions, so be careful. When prompted, save the file to your PC. Do not select the run from the current location option. After the software has been downloaded to your PC, you can open the installer.    T

Note that firmware v1.67 and higher has removed support for the obsolete X10 device: PL513. 
Important Note: This version of the software will read old versions of the site files (prior to version 1.25), but saves them in a new format. If you want to save your old site and configuration files, you should make a copy of them and place them in another folder prior to installing this version.

Version 1.23.11 and higher allows you to modify and save site files without ever connecting to a "live" Sicon-8. This is to allow users to setup configurations for later uploading. A box to enter the firmware version is now available and that will unlock the save functions. After you have setup your software, the best proceedure is to export (not save) the site information and, then load a brand new workspace and connect to your Sicon-8. After you're connected and have saved a local site file, import the previously exported data into it. That will assure proper formatting. You can now re-save your site file and upload the configuration to your Sicon-8 hardware.

You can also Export your site configuration data as follows (recommended):
Before installing the new software, use the "Export Sitefile" function from the "Site" menu of your existing software to save your hardware's setup data in a universal format. This will save everything except your passwords and your event schedules. Passwords should be written down. Event schedules can be separately saved from the event scheduler. After installing the new software, import the previously saved site file(s).

A few new users have reported difficulty in starting Sicontroller versions above 0.992. We believe that this problem has been fixed, however, if you cannot start the current version, you can download v0.991 here. After installing it, log into your Sicon-8. You should be able to operate relays and take readings, but we suggest that you do not perform any setup with the older version. Instead, save your site and workspace files and then exit the software. Then, install the newer Sicontroller software over the old version. So far, that has worked, but if you still require the older version, please call us at 352-335-6555.

Note: When running Sicontroller software under Windows Vista and possibly Win-7, you must be logged in as an administrator for the installation process to complete. If you are not logged in as an administrator, the Sicontroller software will not run properly after installation. Right click on the installer and select "Run as Administrator".

If you encounter any bugs (or if something doesn't seem right to you), we want to hear about it so that we can make the software better for you.

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