About PTEK

Serving Broadcasters Worldwide since 1995

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PTEK is the leader in the design and manufacture of radio frequency equipment. Since 1995 our wide range of products and innovative solutions have been used for FM Broadcast, Federal Government and Military applications.
Broadcasting Solutions
Solid State transmitters from 50-5,000 watts for analog FM broadcasts. The gamma series with hot pluggable power supplies is available from 1,500 watts to 5,000 watts.
PTEK Quality - Design and Manufacture
Our cutting edge technology creates products with fewer components and permits a small physical footprint for more efficient cooling and decreased thermal stress. PTEK products are ideal for use in the harshest environments. Switch mode power supplies provide consistent performance even when there are frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations making stressful demands on products that depend on electric power.
PTEK designs eliminate hand-formed components, coils and hand-soldered components. The RF transformers are integrated into the PCB which is machine assembled and requires no additional adjustment or tuning. 
PTEK Customer Support
PTEK is the broadcaster’s engineering partner and provides superior technical support that has set us apart from the competition worldwide. We know our products because we design and manufacture them right here in the U.S.A. We don’t sell foreign manufactured products with our name on them!
With all PTEK products you will find the same commitment to excellence that has propelled our products to a new level of performance.