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Technical Handbooks
Current Products are listed below.  If you have an older product, please contact us and we'll try to find the book for you.
PTEK Product Model

FM ES Series
150 to 1050W Product Manual
FM GAMMA Series 1,500W to 5,000W
Product Manual
Web32 Remote Controls
PTEK Custom remote control
Product Manual


        New PTEK Transmitters are warrantied for 13 Months from original purchase date on Invoice.
         (RMA Warranties are 90 days).

          If your machine is under original warranty, please state so in the comments section of the RMA.
          PTEK shall confirm warranty status prior to repair.

            ************************************ OBSOLETE GEAR *************************************

            PTEK no longer supports Analog Display Machines … or … Combined Systems consisting of multiple amplifier chassis.
            We may, however,  offer you a trade-in allowance on a new or used transmitter.

            Proper parts are no longer available for most machines with a VU Meter Display!
            Combined Systems are also no longer supported.


            Our excellent team of technical experts is only a phone call away. 
       888-889-2958 / 509-290-6652 or

PTEK RMA (Return Material Authorization) REQUEST FORM

            No RMA will be return shipped until full payment has been received.

            Any units submitted for repair but not paid for 30 days after completion, will become the property of PTEK.






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For more info, contact us at (509) 290-6652 or email us.