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The CircuitWerkes Sicon-8 Webserver32 Firmware Update Page

Sicon-8 Webserver32 Firmware Updates:

If you have a 32-bit Sicon-8 Webserver (has graphical meters when viewed in a Web browser), you can upgrade your Webserver via a LAN connection.

  There are two files (one .hex & one .bin) necessary to upgrade your Webserver. Both must be uploaded to the Webserver for the upgrade to work. A special tool is required to load the .hex file. It is included in the download. The .bin file is uploaded second, using a common Web browser.

The instructions for upgrading are included as a text file in the download.

Upgrade Proceedure:

Download the file below. BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE INSTRUCTIONS INSIDE THE DOWNLOAD BEFORE PROCEEDING. These proceedures can change, so even if you have done upgrades before, please read the instructions again to make sure nothing is different.

Download the latest firmware here.
Older Sicon-8 Units:
Contact us about replacing your existing Web module with a new 32bit module.


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