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Custom & Private Label Projects

CircuitWerkes designs and fabricates both custom and private label electronics as well as modified versions of our regular designs. Click here to learn more.

CircuitWerkes Test Tones and Other Test Aids

To download a .wav file you may have to right click and select the "save link as" function

Download a simple SUB-03 test sequence in .wav format. Some browsers will attempt to play the file rather than downloading it.
Right Click on WAV files and use the save function from the pop-up menu to download them This sequence contains 25Hz, 35Hz and combo (25/35Hz) tones. (File Length = 151k)

Download a wav file with all 16 DTMF tones for testing, programming or cueing DTMF-16, DS-8 and DR-10 products. Right Click on WAV files and use the save function from the popup menu to download them. This file contains the following sequence of DTMF tones: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0,A,B,C,D. (File Length = 38k)

WAV files on this site are 8bit mono with 8000 Hz sample rates to reduce transfer times. These files are very small and should be easily transferred, even over a dial up line. They work very well for testing and operating CircuitWerkes products.  Should you wish to convert them to some other format such as MP-3, you may first need to convert them to 16-bit files with a sample rate of 44.1kHz.

Programs and drawings

If you have a standard EAS-4 controller for the Sage Alerting Systems ENDEC product, there is a downloadable test program that can be used to verify correct operation of your EAS-4. This program runs under MS Windows 95 or higher and requires a PC with an available Com1 or Com2. The com port must be set for 9600,N81. If your EAS-4 is not the standard configuration, you will not be able to test functions that have been modified with this program. Other functions will respond normally.

Many people want a simple method for using their DR-10 to put a remote caller on the air. We have made a diagram in PDF format that can be used to help you wire up your DR-10 to do just that. The solution presented is just one way that the DR-10 can be used. The design presented here is definitely NOT the best solution for most installations, but it is the simplest and most universal. Several other designs can be used in conjunction with the one presented that will improve the flexibility of your system. To download the diagram, right click the link and use the save as feature to store the image locally.

A very simplified diagram showing how to put telco audio on the air from a DR-10 or TAC-5 is shown here without the complexity of the DR-10 version above. Since the TAC-5 has only one DPDT relay, it can either switch balanced mono audio or it can switch unbalanced stereo audio. Both options are shown here. Be sure to read the notes at the bottom left of the drawing.

One of the calls that we commonly receive deals with balanced vs unbalanced audio hookup. It is important to understand how to hook up our equipment to yours, so we have created a one-page primer on audio connections and TRS jacks that can be downloaded here