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The AD-16 was an integrated telephone autocoupler and DTMF controller that was designed to provide telephone control for studio equipment. The line of AD-16s was produced from 1991 to 1996 when it was replaced by a far more powerful product, the DR-10.

If you have an AD-16, it's made of an AC-2 autocoupler combined with a DTMF-16 touchtone decoder.  The AD-16 may also have something called a ComboLok. This was an optional board that provided password security for the AD-16.   There were several versions of the ComboLok made.  The last version of the ComboLok for AD-16s was 1.6.  You can download that manual here.  If your ComboLok is made on an unsilkscreened PCB that mounts upside down to the top cover of the AD-16, it's probably a version 1.2. Version 1.2 devices set the combinations by moving four colored wires to different pins that correspond to the DTMF tones.

You can also download the retrofit instructions that show how the ComboLok 1.6 connects to the AD-16 here.

If you're trying to recompile a lost book, you will need the sections for the AC-2, DTMF-16, ComboLok and the front cover pages.

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