Counter-Intuitive Solutions, Inc. (CIS) was incorporated in 2000 to develop products and market high-tech intellectual properties.  CIS owns the rights to a key patent in the field of telecommunications security.

Many systems have been used to validate wireless transmitters. Although some methods are more secure than others, many systems have flaws that allow unauthorized access to critical systems. For instance, one common method of preventing unauthorized access to systems is to assign a secret ID number to each user. When the user attempts access, their ID is transmitted and compared to a database. If the "secret" number matches the one stored in the database, the user is allowed to access the system. This is what happens when you log in to your e-mail. In more sophisticated systems, this is handled automatically, often in the hardware. A practical example is cellular telephone calling. When you make or receive a call, your telephone first sends its secret numbers to the telephone network. Unless the right numbers are sent, the system assumes you're a pirate and ends the call. Unfortunately, there are many ways to defeat this type of system. A common way is for the thief to simply monitor your communication and steal your numbers as they are sent. Other ways include the use of insiders to gather names and ID numbers.

Our patent (#
5,329,591) teaches that, in order to validate a transmitter, one can obtain an electronic "signature" or "fingerprint" of the device. When a user attempts to access the system, their secret numbers are compared to the "fingerprint". Since transmitted "fingerprints" are almost as unique as human fingerprints, use of this method can almost completely eliminate identity fraud from any system. The essence of the concept is marrying the observed fingerprint with a transmitted ID. The use of both is critical to systems with large numbers of users. Without the use of both the "fingerprint" and transmitted ID, the system would be too slow to be useful. Any system that uses observed characteristics and transmitted IDs is using the 5,329,591 patent and requires a license.
CIS offers licenses to companies interested in manufacturing or otherwise using the process. The CIS method has been used since 1995 in the cellular telephone industry and has proven effective at eliminating up to 95% of all cloning fraud. If you are interested in knowing more about licensing the '591 patent, please call us at (352) 335-6555 or



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